Who we are

SURvet is a veterinary hospital closed to the general public, that is, it only attends cases sent by other veterinarians. Within emergency hours (when veterinary clinics are closed) it attends all emergencies.

In all cases, once the case is solved or if the situation is urgent, we get in contact with the vet and send him/her a report of the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures performed on the patient, along with a therapeutic guide, if appropriate, and a follow-up schedule.

We are a veterinary referral centre for prompt action and intervention. We have a team of professionals with specialized equipment and the latest technology to provide the finest service and coverage in the field of veterinary emergencies and intensive care.

We have specialzed in saving animals from critical and/or difficult situations. Our goal is to provide all the means at our disposal to strive for all the animals’ lives. We are specialists in veterinary emergencies and cases which, due to their characteristics, require prompt, intensive service of action and intervention.

SURvet was founded in 1995, following the model applied in Europe’s and USA leading cities, which have a long tradition of centres with specialized facilities and staff to handle emergency situations that compromise the animals’ lives.

Since then we have not stopped in our evolution, development and constant renewal of our equipment in order to guarantee the finest attention to our patients and the continued training of our staff in emergency medicine and intensive care.

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona