Veterinary cardiology service

Carvet is our veterinary cardiology and intervention referral service, under the direction of Dr. Oriol Domènech, a diploma holder from the European Internal Medicine Association with the sub-speciality of cardiology (Dipl. ECVIM-CA cardiology), under whose direction Survet has become a pioneering, high-level centre in clinical and interventional cardiology.

Carvet offers the possibility of carrying out a complete cardiac study using the latest technologies in the field of cardiology from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view.

Carvet was one of the first Spanish centres to open a highly specialized interventional cardiology service, providing the possibility of solving cardiac problems with excellent results in a minimally invasive manner which until now could not be solved adequately.

For each of the services performed, Carvet delivers complete reports in hand to the animal’s owner, and by e-mail and/or by download from the Internet to the referring veterinarian.

Carvet also offers a training service for veterinarians by means of courses in echocardiography, thoracic radiology, electrocardiography, clinical cardiology and cardio-respiratory surgery.

Diagnostic services in veterinary cardiology

Interventional cardiology service

Training service for veterinarians

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona