We are veterinarians specialized in emergencies and intensive care. Our professional orientation leans primarily towards the welfare of our patients.

SURvet Diagonal is a veterinary hospital that is closed to the general public, that is, it only attends to emergencies when other veterinary clinics are closed or when the case is referred by a veterinary colleague.

Once the emergency has been attended and the animal has been discharged, the referring vet is informed and the case is returned to him/her, SURvet Diagonal has no further contact with that patient unless it is due to another emergency or the referring vet prefers we take care of the follow-up.

Do you want us to be your referral emergency centre?

Call 93 459 45 00 from Monday to Friday (10.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00) and ask for the person in charge, and we will establish the bases of our relationship.

There are various ways of informing your customers about the emergency service:

  • By sending them an informative mailshot.
  • By providing them the information in adhesive labels that we will give you.
  • By leaving an informative message on your answering machine.
  • By forwarding calls to our centre when you close.
  • By posting our address and telephone number on the door of your centre.

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona