Home emergencies

Do you want us to be your referral emergency centre?

Call 610 786 786 from Monday to Friday (10.00 to 14.00 and 17.00 to 20.00) and ask for the person in charge, and we will establish the bases of our relationship.

Following the model we applied in Barcelona in 1995 in the field of veterinary emergencies, and always with the philosophy of working with and for you, we offer you the Home Emergency Service (DOMIVET) in the province of Barcelona

  • To guarantee attention to your customers while you take a break
  • Knowing that the case will be returned to you with a veterinary report
  • If you want to set aside the worries generated by an emergency service
  • And have an emergency service that benefits you, too…
  • You have at your disposal the resources you need to achieve these goals and optimise your effort, dedication and time.

AREA OF ACTION: We operate within the province of Barcelona between Cubelles, Malgrat and Manresa

OPERATION: If the pet owner calls 610786786, a receptionist will set the service in motion and inform the owner of the waiting time and the price.
This service does not include transporting the pet, if necessary

GOAL: To solve an urgent medical situation without the patient losing contact with its usual vet.

If you are interested in having us attend your customers’ home emergencies, contact us and we will establish the bases of our relationship.

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona