SURvet Diagonal is fully equipped with the latest technological equipment and specialized technical resources, with the sole commitment to save animals’ lives at all times, to go even farther and do better in diagnosis and treatment.

Diagnostic tools

Digital imaging diagnosis

SURvet Diagonal has state-of-the-art imaging diagnosis apparatus, such as a digital X-ray development system which provides high-quality images that can be sent by e-mail to the referring vet, a top-level ultrasound and echocardiography devices also with digitized images, a fluoroscope (for interventional radiology, among other uses), and rigid and flexible fiber endoscopes for performing endoscopy, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, bronchoscopy, thoracoscopy, otoscopy, vaginoscopy and cystoscopy.

Laboratory diagnosis

We also have a complete laboratory in order to perform all manner of urgent analyses (haemograms, biochemistry profiles, ionograms, cytologies, urinalysis, coprological analyses). We can measure the patient’s metabolic status and blood gases (very useful in critical care medicine), and carry out emergency coagulation tests.

Operating room

We have a fully-equipped operating room with an automatic respirator, capnography, pulse oxymetry and electrocardiography monitors, and measurement of invasive and non-invasive arterial pressures, which allow us to perform all types of soft-tissue surgery (thorax and abdomen) and emergency operations can be performed, along with more specific surgeries like trauma, neurosurgery and the implantation of pacemakers or the performance of valvuloplasties.


We are proud to say that SURvet hospitalisation room is equipped to attend both patients requiring observation and those needing more specific treatments such as intensive monitoring and oxygen therapy. Our hospitalisation room is located physically in the centre of our facility, with complete visual access from the waiting room; in this way, the patients are always supervised and transparency of procedure is evident from the first moment.

Medicalised ambulance

In order to transport and/or attend patients requiring treatment, a specially prepared and equipped vehicle is always available.

All of this makes us a pioneering centre in emergency medicine and interventional cardiology in our country.

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona

SURVET Veterinaris Barcelona